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(Interaction + UX + industrial design)

Summer 2017_Industrial_UX/UI_Interaction Design

Project Name

Yoohoo: Re-imagining Solo Traveling Experience

Collaborated with

Annie Pan, Jing Qiao, MoonYoung Ro as Team G.G.

About Project

Yoohoo is a modern autonomous traveling system that helps travelers explore a new city, enabling them to easily make friends from all around the world. This system is designed for those who love to travel solo or decides to try solo traveling.

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Why Solo Traveling?

Data shows a drastic increase in the number of travelers who are traveling alone, which is reflected in the steep increase in the number of businesses that accommodate the needs of solo travelers.


What Problems Do Solo Travelers Face?

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Yoohoo presents a solution for solo travelers to have an effortless trip while making meaningful connections with other travelers that last longer than the trip.

Effortless, Stress-Free Experience

Yoohoo users can create lists of the locations and activities they would like to attend during the trip. Yoohoo system helps the users to start their star list by providing recommendations based on their interests.

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Make Lasting Connections

Yoohoo provides spaces for the users to create meaningful interactions that are the beginnings of a long-lasting friendship.

Stay Flexible, Enjoy the Spontaneity

Yoohoo system provides the platform for the users to view destinations of yoohoo vehicles around them and have a spontaneous trip by joining the vehicle.

geotag other way

Organizing Memories, 

Reliving the Moment

Yoohoo provides a device where travelers can tap to geo-tag the moments they want to remember and organize them in separate folders in the yoohoo app.

Yoohoo System Diagram:

Four components that consist the Yoohoo system and how it works (App, Hotspot, Carpool, and Bump).

yoohoo website revised-0712312

Yoohoo App

It is where the users begin their Yoohoo experience. It alleviates the stress of planning by offering a simple system where they can mark the places of their interest before the trip. Users can also find other travelers to join their plans, in case they would like a company (e.g., for a meal). 

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Yoohoo Bump

Yoohoo bump consists of two parts–a bracelet and a clip. The ultimate purpose of the bracelet is for the users to minimize the usage of their phones as they explore and meet new people. The clip keeps our users connected to wifi signal during their trips. 

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yoohoo wrist.16colors



User Workflow and Mock-up

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