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Summer 2018_Interaction_ UX/UI_Indutrial design

(Interaction + UX + industrial design)

Project Name

Wheethree: a communication tool for the first-time pregnant couples and the unborn baby

About Project

Being a parent may be the most important and the hardest job that we will or have ever had in our lives. It is about creating a new human being, and it does not come with a “right” instruction. To assist first-time pregnant couples, Wheethree offers a unique bonding experience with their unborn baby and between themselves as a couple to strengthen and nurture their own relationship.

Pregnancy: a life-changing experience

Pregnancy is indeed a special and a life-changing experience, especially for the first-time expectant couples that excites not only the parents-to-be but also the families and friends around them.

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In reality,

It is a long process and brings numerous challenges as the parents-to-be experiences drastic changes and prepares for more changes to come after the baby is born.

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3 Key aspects that impact having a healthy baby

It is crucial to nurture and/or maintain the well-being of the mom and the unborn baby during pregnancy, and the 3 key aspects are to: 


What happens when expectant parents have an unhealthy relationship and suffer from chronic stress?

If the pregnant partner is exposed to chronic stress, it can result in causing high risks for the baby to experience physical and cognitive developmental issues during and after pregnancy.


Some health consequences include premature birth, low-birthweight, and exposure to cortisol (stress hormone) which in result can cause behavioral problems as the baby grows.

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Key challenges


Insights and solutions


Wheethree presents a solution for developing a mentally and physically healthy baby—a unique way to nurture the relationship both between the expectant parents and between the unborn baby and the expectant parents.

Product Ecosystem


Business model—subscription

Wheethree lets users engage in pregnancy with the product to keep track of their pregnancy from the earlier stage of the pregnancy. Then, it offers premium products as the users reach their second trimester for them to have a more interactive experience with their baby and strengthen their bond between themselves as a couple.

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Portable device

Wheethree's portable device provides a unique communication experience for the expectant parents to start building bonds with their unborn baby.

It offers an interactive experience with which they can talk to their unborn baby and get responses from the baby via the baby's heartbeat.

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Digital application

The Wheethree digital application provides a tool for the expectant parents to keep track of the baby's heartbeat and the history of the exchange of messages and heartbeats. 

It also helps the first-time parents to understand each other with the help of the A.I. communication coach provided in the app and mange their big first step for building a family together.

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