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2017 Spring_ Packaging_ Branding

Project Name

Raid Redesign

About Project

The redesign of Raid establishes a consistent brand identity throughout the products with forms and labels that clearly identify each product. The bottles are redesigned to avoid any spillage that ruins the users' countertops.

What's working and what's not working

The existing Raid is successful in presenting an effective image of its powerful pesticide products while giving a harmful and outdated impression to the younger crowd.

The current packaging lacks a clear 1, 2, 3 read, which makes it difficult for users to differentiate the primary and secondary information. Also, the color coding does not have a consistent system.


Key Insights

revised raid-03

Product and Graphic Inspirations

Shadows and corners are where bugs hide. The sharp angle of the verge of the shadow gives the impression of fear and horror that seeps through the shadow. The new Raid finds and kills every bug that tries to hide away. The redesign Raid is inspired by graphic elements of cosmetic product labels, which give clarity of what it does and the assurance that the product is scientifically tested.

revised raid-04

New Raid Logo

raid logo-11

The simplified Fabrikat typeface with perpendicular edges gives a clean and bold impression. The 45-degree angle of the letter ‘r’ emulates the red strip that wraps around the bottle and provides a direction of hierarchy among the graphic elements. In addition, the round curves on the 'r' and 'd' bring the logo together in a circle and make the logo look approachable.

raid logo color-09
raid logo color-09
raid new label-12

New Systematic and Simple Label

Residue-Proof Nozzle

The new Raid has specially designed caps that catches the excess drop of the chemical that has been sprayed. A small indent, indicated by the small red arrow, catches the excess and keeps your kitchen or bathroom counter free of damages.

two standing
3 product in an angle

Intuitive Ergonomics

The slanted top is not only better for ergonomics but also gives the intuitive notion of the direction liquid is dispensed.

Easy Application and Removal

The square edge of the bait folds upwards for the users to easily remove the baits off of the surface.

raid bait
Final image