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Understanding human behavior became my passion when I witnessed a friend getting bullied at high school. This led me to a psychology degree that taught me how experiences shape our personalities and values in life. 
Pursuing medicine was the obvious solution for a career, but it lacked the artistic creativity I desired. Fortunately, I discovered product design and its value in people's lives by walking into a Marimekko store, a Finnish home furnishing and textile company. By seeing everything in a new light, I realized design is the perfect marriage between critical and creative thinking.
With my psychology degree and product design education at ArtCenter, I now can create experiences that empower users, promote connectivity within and among communities, and balance seemingly opposing values.
My designs are
Bold yet Delicate
Aesthetic yet Functional
Critical yet Creative
Simple yet Unique
Hi, I am HoJung.

Let's connect and create new experiences together.